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"Transform your body, and unleash your full potential with our personalized health and fitness programs designed to help you achieve your goals and become the healthiest version of yourself."


Are you ready to feel more confident this summer in your summer wardrobe? The glute focused program focuses on those booty gains! Over the course of 12 weeks, we will focus on lower body strength with some full body movements as well! Let's get those booty gains!

Program Features

Our goal is to empower YOU to reach new heights and achieve your wellness goals like never before.

This program includes:

  • 12 week training program for home or gym

  • Online access to the Vitality App

  • Additional 1-on-1 coaching, support & nutrition available as an add-on.



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🍑💪 Get ready to unleash your inner goddess with our newest program: "Bootylicious Bliss: The Ultimate Glute Transformation!" 🌟 Whether you're strutting your stuff on the beach or crushing it in the gym, this 5-day-a-week program is your ticket to sculpted curves and unstoppable confidence! 🔥

$150/ 12 weeks

Glute Focused Program
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